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Susan Stevens Case

Outcome of Susan Steven's Case

Today is 4-20-09 and I have just been told by my attorney, Michael J. Ash, that a decision has been made by Judge DeWeese. I testified at my hearing to suppress the discovery on 4-13-09. The discovery is the evidence. Judge DeWeese granted the motion to suppress based on two things. The officers illegally entered the curtilage of my property and my consent to search my house was not freely given.

As I had enclosed my backyard entirely in stockade fence, it was curtilage......a part of an extension of the house into the exterior, yet not roofed. We will definitely look this up again as it is very important.

My consent to search the house was coerced as the officer had stated the house would be torn apart by a police search if I did not show them what I had .

We now await the prosecution to determine if they wish to proceed without the evidence from the yard or house. Attorney Ash believes they will now dismiss the charges. He will than move to make sure all this is removed from my record.

How is it that I am free...? I have defied conventional thinking and have stood my ground. I looked to NORML. Their web link gave me North Ohio Norml. Over the years I have been an on and off member. I knew they were my best link to a good Attorney. OH MY !! Michael J. Ash, Attorney at Law, and North Ohio Norml member has just been spectacular. His knowledge of the law, keen focus, and steady manner, stood us well with all the professionals involved and in the court room environment a well. He advised me of the consequences of various decisions I was to make along the way. He met with me regularly and kept in touch by e-mail or phone if necessary. He was prepared with his motion, briefs, and citations. He spoke with others and studied his Judge. In the court room he got the officer to say the things we wanted him to say. It was so good. Cher Neufer, my friend and North Ohio Norml Treasurer extrordinare!!! Cher, I knew the minute I met you that you were a rare find. Your commitment and strength of purpose are a model for us all. You live the things that you believe and you have paid for that. Yet you continue to live free. Fear is what keeps so many locked in their small thoughts. You dare to believe in something true and live it for others benefit. As I said rare. I thank you Cher, Michael and North Ohio Norml for my freedom.

Many people have become comrades in the last few months. Tonya Davis our Advocate and Legislative Representative has just been so good for me. She remains upbeat and fights the good fight daily. This woman keeps us focused on the big picture. We need to change laws.

I Thank You All

Susan L. Stevens

Ailing Grandmother To Be Arraigned On Marijuana Charges

Source: WMFD TV Mansfield Ohio 1/27/09

A sixty-two-year-old Mansfield grandmother with serious medical issues will appear in court Tuesday for arraignment on charges of growing and possessing. Susan Stevens was indicted by the Richland County Grand Jury this month after police officers raided her home and confiscated her plants. Stevens says she uses marijuana for medicinal purposes only and she supports the move now underway in Ohio to legalize marijuana for medical reasons.

Tonya Davis is working with State Senator Tom Roberts of Dayton on the Ohio Medical Compassion Act which would create a regulated card carrying system for the medicinal use of marijuana.

See the WFMD Video Interview with Susan Stevens and Tonya Davis

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