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General - Every day hundreds if not thousands of normal people like you and I are hassled and arrested simply for smoking marijuana. Our government will not respond to the overwhelming majority of it's own people, who cry out for freedom. We must stop this oppressive government before they try to take more of our rights guarenteed to us in the constition.

Medicinal - It doesn't stop with regular people though. Our government has taken its ridiculous mission and attacked defenseless patients who simply want to obtain the medicine prescribed to them. Our government is stubburn enough to tell doctors how to do their job. Every day patients struggle to find the medicine they desperatley need. They have to turn to a viscious black market created by the very government who wishes to "protect" us.

Industrial - Somehow this has all translated into virtually banning inustrial hemp, one of the crops this country was built on. With uses ranging from ropes to clean burning gasoline this crop has been dubbed a drug. This easy and profitable crop could bring back the farming industry to this country.

Personal - The bottom line is responsible adults know how to treat their own bodies. Our society deems addicting killer substances like tobacco and alcohol okay even though they kill thousands of americans every single day. This hypocritical attitude stems from ignorance that must be stopped. Please help our cause and donate today.

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